Namyanka Performing Arts Training Center - Spreading the Word of God Through the Arts
  Founded in 1994, Namyanka is a faith based  non-profit and community program which was established for the purpose of providing dance, cultural enhancement, community development, character education and personal enlightment in a Christian base environment.

Namyanka specializes in Dunham Technique, a blend of ballet, modern,and African Dance. 

The curriculum is designed to bring out the individual gifts of each member.  The program inspires self-respect and self-discipline. Namyanka provides a unique opportunity for those called into ministry through the genre of liturgical dance and the performing arts.

Namyanka's mission is to set a standard of excellence in the creative art of dance that brings glory and honor to God.  Namyanka promotes the dancer's overall well-being by educating them in the art of dance and building their faith in order to positively impact our community with wholesome living and the love of God.

Classes focus  on the complete wholeness of the dancer, not only in the art of dance, but also to build the dancer as a vehicle of worship, outreach, and ministry.