Namyanka Performing Arts Training Center - Spreading the Word of God Through the Arts
About Us

Namyanka Performing Arts Training Center, founded in 1994, is a faith- based 501c3 non-profit organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. For twenty-five  years Namyanka has set a standard of excellence in liturgical dance.
We have served the Baltimore community with teaching of dance, ministry in churches, nursing homes, hospitals s, community organzations, and churches. Namyanka has provided choreography for Integrity Music tours for Paul Wilbur and Ron Kenoly. 

Namyanka members and their families receive Bible study, mentoring, life coaching, professional counseling, and financial stipends for those pursuing higher education. Namyanka has trained and nurtured over 1,000 members ages 3-adults and looks forward to the next 25 years of service and giving God glory. Namyanka has received a certificate for Community Service from the City of Baltimore. 

Namyanka specializes in Dunham Technique, a blend of ballet, modern,and African Dance.

The curriculum is designed to bring out the individual gifts of each member.  The program inspires self-respect and self-discipline. Namyanka provides a unique opportunity for those called into ministry through the genre of liturgical dance and the performing arts.

Namyanka's mission is to set a standard of excellence in the creative art of dance that brings glory and honor to God.  Namyanka promotes the dancer's overall well-being by educating them in the art of dance and building their faith in order to positively impact our community with wholesome living and the love of God.

Classes focus  on the complete wholeness of the dancer, not only in the art of dance, but also to build the dancer as a vehicle of worship, outreach, and ministry.  

 We provide classes in dance technique, choreography, and workshops on the appropriate use of dance in ministry.  Namyanka serves the Baltimore community and membership ages range from age 3-adults.
Namyanka has provided choreography for concerts with Paul Wilbur, Ron Kenoly and Richard Smallwood, and were the lead dancers in a 12 hour prayer vigil - entitled “Peace in the City” for Baltimore. Namyanka is also committed to cultural enhancement of the history of  African Americans.  The company produces an annual production in February that portrays the history of African American History, utilizing song, dance, and the spoken word.  
Namyanka was the recipient of a 2009 community service award from the City of Baltimore. Namyanka is a non-profit 501c3 organization and a member of the National Liturgical Dance Network and the Apostolic Prophetic Connection